If you would like to consign Goods with KickBox Streetwear for sale through our internet and social media sales channels, the following process applies:

1. Email us at with your Consignment request, specifying the brand, model, size, quantity, and any other pertinent price-related information regarding the goods that you would like to consign to us. Detailed photographs of the goods that you intend to consign with us are to be included in the request

2. We will assess the Consignment Request and notify you of whether your goods have been accepted for consignment by means of delivering a confirmation (a “Confirmation”) to you stating which of the Goods from your Consignment Request we will consider for acceptance, as well as the minimum sales price and our commission rate with respect to each of such goods.

3. You will then ship the goods to us at your expense only those items set forth in a Confirmation.

4. We shall then use our commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Goods accepted for consignment in accordance with the Confirmation

5. We will notify you once goods have been sold

6. If and when the item sells, payment will be made no later than 5 business days after the sale has been concluded via EFT only.


KickBox Streetwear consignment fee is 10% of the sales price. The remainder of the sales proceeds less applicable expenses such as shipping or transaction fees will be paid to the Consigner once the goods are sold.

With effect from 1 March 2021, the consignment fee will increase to 12.5% of the sales price. Any items consigned from the afore-mentioned date will be subject to the increased consignment fee.


Prices are negotiated based on what the shoes sell for at market value. We agree on a price with our Consignors.


Our standard consignment term is 3 months. Either you or we may, at any time, elect to withdraw the offering of any or all of the Goods which have not yet been sold, provided, however, that you agree that you will not withdraw the Goods prior to 14 days after the date of signing the Consignment Agreement. If you seek such an early withdrawal, we will be entitled to an early withdrawal fee equal to R200 per pair

If you have any further queries or questions email us at for more information.